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I take the inconvenience out of grooming.  When you make an appointment, your furry companion never leaves its view of your home.  The troubles and sometimes traumas of traditional salon grooming are reduced or eliminated.
reyt grooming Mobile Pet Care offers a less stressful environment for you the owner as well as your pet.  My fully self contained mobile salon provides convenience, quality care and personal service.  It requires nothing more than a level place to park and electricity.  If you live on a hill or have a sloped driveway - I may not be able to accommodate .  The Mobile Groomer Vehicle does not fit under carports.

Mobile groomers do try to be on time for appointments but road conditions , construction, accidents, road closures, and chatting with clients can play a part in making us run longer between appointments.  I will call you if I am running behind more than a half an hour…or occasionally running early. 

The Winter Woes is one factor beyond anyone’s control…    It plays a role in how mobile groomers function.  Best rule of thumb is if the weather is bad enough "to close schools" it's not SAFE to be on the road.

If there is snow, ice or temperatures below 35 degrees F; the grooming van does not leave my driveway.  I will reschedule as soon as possible when the weather improves or clients can bring his/her pet to my home. 

So what are the Advantages:

  • You no longer need to make 2, sometimes 3, round trips to the grooming shop.  I try to accommodate your busy schedule.

  • No separation anxiety.

  • Less Stressful for all, especially cats.

  • I meet you, and get instructions.

  • Your pet receives individual care.

  • Your pet is not at a shop for hours.

  • Your pet is never in contact with other animals except your own.

  • No more nose printed windows, or carsick dogs.

  • Clean environment.

  • Featuring Green Grooming all natural products (no soaps or detergents) which are environmentally safe.

  • No tranquilizers or drugs are used. Aromatherapy is offered to relieve stress, aches or paints.  I am a Young Living essential oil distributor.

 Services offered:

  • Convenient front door service.

  • A Soothing Shampoo and Body Massage with flea or medicated treatments, if necessary.

  • Cage-free drying, Coat brushing, Leave-in conditioner.

  • Light and/or standard breed pet clips with scissor finish.

  •  Nails & pads trimmed and Ears cleaned.

  • Gland expression.

  • Ribbon or Bandana, Cologne.


Your pet can enjoy a totally natural spa treatment featuring:

Totally Natural Products for Green Grooming
All products are of the highest quality, natural, 100% biodegradable pet care products.  Newest product line is over 95% organic.  Each was specially formulated to cleanse safely and gently while leaving your pet’s coat bright, shiny, and smelling better than ever before

Superior Cleanliness 
All grooming tools and surface areas are cleaned and sterilized after each use.  I use disinfectants recommended by veterinarians to kill bacteria and diseases

Bathing Beauty Hydro-Massage & Deep Coat Cleansing system! 
This system combines the therapeutic concepts of whirlpool baths and hydrotherapy. Invigorating whirlpool jet action removes loose hair and dead  skin for the healthiest coat possible and massages away the aches and pains caused by poor circulation and arthritis.  And for dogs with hip dysphasia, it provides a wonderful relief. 

Taxi Vac Grooming System 
This system vacuums up the hair that is being cut to ensure that your pet receives a smoother haircut in a clean environment.  It also keeps the clipper blade cool so it won’t burn your pet. 

Hydraulic Grooming Table with LIPS System 
The table lowers to the level in which your larger pet can walk onto the rather than being lifted.  The LIPS system reduces stress on the  older geriatric dogs, puppies, and calms difficult dogs.




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