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Helpful Information:



Regular and proper grooming can be the difference between a good coat and an excellent coat. Here at  greyt grooming, I would be more than happy to help you achieve this...especially through the shedding process. Even if your dog is not in need of a complete grooming, a thorough bath and brush can help to speed the process along. Dead hair next to the skin is irritating and can lead to an itch/scratch cycle that can damage the skin and cause further problems. If left alone for too long, excessive matting can occur and will make it very painful for the dog to be brushed out and more expensive for the owner.  

Contrary to what some companies may advertise, there is not a "100% cure" for shedding. Shedding (or "blowing") the coat is a natural cycle in every pet's life whether it's convenient for us or not.

Shedding is seasonal - usually occurring every spring and fall and related primarily to changes in the duration and intensity of sunlight. Housedogs are exposed to long hours of artificial light and it sometimes seems as if they never quit shedding. Most dogs shed at least once a year (though some breeds shed more frequently) and do not shed their coats evenly. Some have a double coat composed of a long outer coat of "guard" hairs and an undercoat of softer shorter hair. When a dog with this type of coat begins to shed, the inner coat may come out in a patchy fashion and your dog may look quite moth-eaten!

Coat loss is occasionally precipitated by factors other than light and seasonal changes. For dogs, the last areas in which their bodies will expend energy is the maintenance of a thick, luxurious coat of hair. Other things are simply more important for the health and survival of the animal. Therefore, if a dog is on a poor quality food (for example), it will use all the energy derived to maintain bodily functions and let the quality of its coat slide. Poor coat quality is also frequently seen in an older animal whose digestive system isn't working as well as it used to. The same is true for dogs that have been sick or stressed. Stressful conditions typically cause hair to drop out first on the body and flanks, where hair grows the fastest.

Anytime a dog is stressed, in a poor state of nutrition, or following the effect of anesthesia or certain hormones, expect the skin and coat to suffer. All of these are reversible and the coat will return to normal after the animal has returned to good health and/or the effects of the substance causing this have passed. How severely the dog is affected and how soon the effects are reversed varies with different individuals and breeds. If the coat does not seem to be returning to normal, or there is no discernable reason for the hair loss, the dog should be taken to its vet for testing.

Remember, at greyt grooming I am here to help you in every aspect of your pet's life. I would be happy to arrange a bathing/grooming schedule for you and your dog in an effort to keep your costs down and your pet looking forward to a happy grooming experience.

Matting nightmares.


Matting can occur due to:


Certain breeds are more prone to tangling and matting.  I.e. Maltese is one


Poor maintenance - proper techniques not used to brush and comb along with the possibly of the wrong tools.  As a professional groomer, I may be able to help teach and offer tips to minimize this problem. 


Illness - fleas, hotspots, other medical issues which causes the pet to lick and scratch.


Static electricity - belly area from rubbing tummy’s along rugs or the wearing of coats/sweaters creating under arms/chest area tangles.


*I will not demat if it hurts your dog or cat.  If it hurts, I will shave instead. 


ABOUT COATS -  Because your pet is matted and/or severely tangled…there can be a variety of skin and hair coat care problems that may occur after a complete shave down of a dog, particularly the double coated breeds or those often referred to as the fur bearing rather than hair bearing. These included but are not limited to:  loss of hair growth, “Coat Funk” (the coat not growing back in the same texture and or color prior to shaving), Bald patches, Hyper pigmentation of the skin (darkening of the skin where the coat has not grown back), Sunburn, Loss of Guard Coat (top layer of coat), Coat re-growth in different directions (cowlick’s).  Other problems occasionally arise, during or after grooming, such as nicks, clipper irritation and mental or physical stress and trauma.


Note: Heavy coated or severely matted dogs that are shaved may have an extra charge due to wear and tear on blades and scissors.










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