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How long will the grooming take?
Approximately one to two hours, depending on age, size, condition of coat, behavior of pet and the type of haircut.  Extra time and care is provided to those pets that have special needs.

How much?
I will quote you a base price range for your breed of pet.  Additional charges will be assessed depending on condition of coat, behavior of pet, haircut style, and any other special needs once Iíve seen your pet.
FURminator shed-less treatment $10-$25 EXTRA.
Call out for nail trimming only; is $40.  Appointments will be scheduled during a time that I am servicing other clients in your area, if possible.
 Increases are possible due to gasoline rate changes at the pump.

Do I need to use your water or electricity?
The van contains a 60 gal. warm water tank and a 45 gal. grey water tank.  Shoreline hook up would be appreciated with 15+amp capacity, but is not always needed.  The van is equipped with inverter battery power for those times that shoreline is not available.

Do you have to be home while I groom your pet?
I prefer that you be home during the service.  Once routines are established an arrangement to care for your pet in your absence may be arranged.

Discount program? 
Due to gasoline prices at the pump increasing ... there are no discounts given at the present time.

Cancellations must be made
at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time.  If you are not home for your scheduled appointment, a $50 charge will be applied for the lost appointment.  A letter and self-addressed envelope will be left at your doorstep.  However, I do realize emergencies can and do happen.  These will be handled on a case by case basis.




















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