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Fuzzy Cat Tales


Is there a genuine need to groom a cat?


Cats that may smell “funny” and their hair isn’t shiny any more may becoming seriously ill.  Their natural habit of constantly licking themselves can have a seriously harmful effect.  Cats don’t get clean by licking themselves!  They need to be bathed, brushed, and combed regularly, if long haired.  Cats have tiny barbs on their tongues that pull out loose hair as the lick themselves.  If they accumulate enough of that swallowed hair, it causes hairballs in the digestive track and even with hairball remedies, can still develop problems.  The natural oils in a cat’s coat also tend to attract pollutants.  Cats are also susceptible to all the same parasites as dogs – fleas, ticks, and lice. 


Not only will professional grooming keep your cat healthier, it can also keep you healthier too.  Dander is the residue of a chemical in a cat’s saliva which dries on the cat’s coat when it licks itself.  This flaky allergen is often the cause of human allergies to cats. Even though cats shed their hair more profusely during seasonal changes, they are shedding all the time especially indoor cats.  Also, the story about hairless cats and people not being allergic to them is just not true.  The dander that clings to their bodies has to be reduced by bathing. Bathing and brushing a cat will reduce the amount of dander and with regular professional grooming most cats will adapt and enjoy the process.  After all, cats appreciate luxury and as a Pet Care Specialist I am trained to do the pampering.

Not acceptable behavior (snarling, spitting, swatting, biting) may prevent your cat from having his/her groom completed. You are responsible for the portion of the groom completed, or the travel fee which ever is higher.

I can provide a safe environment for many cats that otherwise may not do well at a salon location.  No barking dogs, and a very calm atmosphere make the grooming less stressful for the furry felines.

 A great EMERGENCY item to have for cats is a “pillow-case”. Scared cats are hard to hold, the pillow case allows for the ability to move a feline securely out to a car or mobile grooming vehicle.

 De-matting is usually not the best choice for a matted cat.  Clipping or Shaving is the alternative.  The term "Lion" is often referred to as leaving the mane and front legs long, but the mane can be in front of or behind the shoulders depending on owner preference and degree of matting...

For long hair kitties that want less hair for mom to deal with, clipping the long 2 to 3 inch coat to about a half inch to an inch can be done, if there are no matts.




"As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human mind." ---

Cleveland Amory






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