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greyt grooming Mobile Pet Care an alternative solution in Auburn, Washington and surrounding area.

Along with many other services that are now delivered to your door, you can also get your pet dog, cat, ferret, or other small furry creature bathed, blown dry, clipped and returned to you with a bright, shiny coat, free of fleas and ticks, and smelling better than ever before - all within one to two hours.  You no longer need to make 4 trips to the grooming shop, your pet’s separation anxiety is less, and your pet receives the individual loving care and expertise in grooming standards from a Pet Care Specialist trained in all breeds of dogs and cats.

A trained Mobile Pet Care Specialist can take the time to gain the trust and respect of your pet creating a “Spa like atmosphere” which may include using aromatherapy, soothing music, and treatments featuring the newest in mechanical technologies to reduce stress on the older geriatric dogs, puppies, and cats.  Helping the pets that need extra loving attention due to health issues (age, illness, car sickness, etc.) is a specialty. The therapeutic concepts of whirlpool baths and hydrotherapy are used in the invigorating whirlpool jet action of the hydrosurge bathing system which removes loose hair and dead skin for the healthiest coat possible and massages away the aches and pains caused by poor circulation and arthritis.  By using a “Hoodie” the ears and face of the pet are protected when blowing dry as there is no cage drying.   All pet care products are of the highest quality, natural, and 100% biodegradable. Newest product line is over 99% organic. Each was specially formulated to cleanse safely and gently while contributing to a greener planet.

For an average range of $80 to $145, which includes travel fee and depending on needs, your pet can have individual care, is never in contact with other animals except your own and is not at a shop for hours where sensory overload can be a problem.
reyt grooming is fully insured and licensed by various cities and counties in Washington State.

I service the Auburn, WA and surrounding area at your home or office.  After 15 years of grooming my body tells me to only accept dogs 45 pounds or smaller.  If you have a larger breed, I may be able to refer you to other mobile groomers in your area. Calling today to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat will give you the fastest response.
Note: Emails requests are read once a week.

Sheila, your Pet Care Specialist
Phone:  253-804-9460






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